Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

Bicentennial Tower

Grove City Premium Outlets

Drake Well Museum

Pymatuning Gatehouse

Flagship Niagra

The Avenue of 444 Flags

Fishing on the Allegheny River



Outdoor Activities

The Pennsylvania Great Lakes region has a vast amount of fun outdoor activities for people of all ages to enjoy. From fishing on French Creek to biking to simply taking a walk through the woods there are countless things to do outside.
Checkout out the Regional Fishing Guide.

Arts and Culture

There are many cool and historic locations within the Great Lakes region to spend a day exploring. From the beautiful beaches of Presque Isle State Park to the historic Drake Well, the oil well that sparked the first oil boom in the United States, there are many days of fun and informational locations to explore.

Erie Playhouse
Premium Outlets


The Great Lakes region has a large number of shopping experiences to offer. From the expansive Peach Street in Erie to the Premium Outlets of Grove City to the small mom and pop stores in some of the smaller towns you are sure to find a store that matches your interests.


The Great Lakes region is a vast area spanning four counties in Pennslyvania and as such there are many events that take place throughout the year in each. From Mother's Day brunches to seasonal festivals there is always something to do in the Great Lakes region.

Night Kayaking

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Pennsylvania's Great Lakes Region

Looking for an affordable, accessible and fun family getaway? Pennsylvania's Great Lakes Region is the perfect vacation destination filled with endless opportunities including amusement parks, casino, museums, shops, scenic byways and trails, vibrant night life and cultural entertainment. Escape to our “great” outdoors for adventures including boating, fishing, swimming, hunting, hiking, birding and camping amidst our natural beauty. Don't forget, some of the country's best shopping can be found here, with no sales tax on clothing or shoes. Pennsylvania's Great Lakes Region: four counties, with about a million things to do!


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Our Mission

Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region serves as an educational connector for individuals and groups seeking to access the rich culture, heritage and leisure activities in the four county region. We provide literature, tours, and educational programs to increase awareness and visitation.